Original Big Band Music

My interest for big band and big band music started about 40 years ago.  During 40 years I have played, conducted and written music for big band.  Alto saxophone is my preferred instrument, but I also play  soprano, tenor and baritone and doubles on clarinet and flute. I have a bachelor in music education.

I started writing  for big band about 30 years ago. My first arrangements was no good! Of Course.  I lacked knowledge and experience. This discouraged me and I had pause from writing for many years. About 10 years ago I started writing again and the same thing happened again. My writing did not hold. Some of my work was good, but I still lacked knowledge and experience. About 5 years ago I started buying books. I read and tried out much of the ideas and techniques. That helped.  I now think some of my writing is good enough to be payed.  I hope you agree.

Writing Big Band Music

There are no shortcuts. There are always something new to learn or  try out.  I use a Finale 2012c and Garritan Jazz & Big Band 3 Sound Library  when I write. Without these tools it would be much more difficult to check the result.  30 years ago I used a piano and I had to write out each part by hand.  Using Finale 2012c helps a lot.  Garritan Jazz & Big Band 3 Sound Library uses sampled sounds for all instruments. I find softsynth  impossible to use. The result is not good enough.

Studying charts, reading books is a must. But most important is to listen to music, any style!

Four original compositions are presented here. More will come. There are some legal stuff I need to look into for some of my arrangements.  Please listen to my demos. You will find them by in the menu.

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